Our Love

From the first day I saw you
I knew you belong to me
And it was proven, my dear love
My instinct was right, as you can see

This love we formed in the beginning
we have shared throughout the years
with laughter, struggles, and tears
Will always keep us together as one

You wipe my tears whenever I cried
You cheer me up when I was down
And you praise me when I succeed
You are the best I could have found

We have promised each other
From our former karma
we would come back and look for each other
And continue as lovers once again


Tiền kiếp chúng mình đã ước hẹn cùng nhau
Nên bây giờ chúng mình mới gặp lại
Để tiếp tục cuộc tình cho mãi dến ngàn sau

                             Mai Ly